Child rapist took one victim from hospital

Posted on July 16, 2011


A Saudi school teacher who had raped 13 little girls dragged one of the victims off the bed in the emergency unit at a hospital in the Gulf Kingdom, bundled her in his car and took her to his apartment, where he raped her.

He hunted another little girl just as she sat for rest while with her parents at a shopping mall on eve of the Moslem fasting month of Ramadan. His third victim was lured out of a wedding party and taken to the same flat.

Saudi police said this week they had seized the serial rapist following a manhunt for nearly four years, during which he raped 13 girls aged below 10 years.

The arrest of the 42-year-old school teacher, who is married and has four children, came just a week after he grabbed his latest victim at a rest house in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah.

Saudi newspapers said DNA tests confirmed the man is the rapist while some of the victims brought to the police centre immediately recognized him although he had shaven off his head in an apparent camouflage bid.

“This human wolf was not deterred even by the holy month of Ramadan as he snatched one of his victims, a nine-year-old Saudi girl, on the eve of the fasting month….he took his wife and six children to their grandfather and went to a shopping mall, where he hunted that innocent child,” Almadina daily said.

The Arabic language daily said it met three of his victims, who told it about their ordeal and how he bundled them into his car, beat them up and took them to his apartment in Jeddah. The next day, he would dump them in a park.

It said one victim was a sick girl aged nine years. She was grabbed while she was lying on a bed in the emergency unit at a hospital after her father brought her for treatment. The criminal was roaming inside the hospital trying to hunt for another victim when he saw the girl and her father, the paper said.

Once her father left her to go to the toilet, he went straight to the girl and told her that her father asked him to bring her to his car parked outside. She believed him and he took her straight to his car and sped away.

“He told me to sit in the back seat and put my head down…he threatened me not to put my head up or shout…he also told me not to talk to him,” the girl said.

“He said he would take me home but after a while, he stopped the car near a small building and told me to go up to his flat quietly…he was so scary and did not listen to my pleas…on the contrary, he slapped me and pushed me into his apartment…the next day, he dumped me at a park.”

The girl’s story is similar to that of Maha, the latest victim of the rapist. Maha, whose father is a police man, told Saudi detectives that the man snatched her from a wedding hall and that he slapped her many times before bundling her in his car and taking her to an apartment where he raped her.

“Kill him…kill him when you catch him,” the school girl told the police after recounting what she had been through and how she came back home.

Newspapers said the rapist had first used a Toyota Prado to hunt for victims but later changed it into a small car with black glass to conceal his victims.

“Finally, the horrible rapist who has raped 13 little girls aged between eight and 10 years over the past four years was caught in Jeddah,” Sabq daily said.