Girl Commits Suicide After Being Forced to Marry Rapist (Morocco)

Posted on March 13, 2012


Amina, a young 16-year-old Moroccan girl, was forced to marry her rapist, a man ten years her senior. When her family filed charges against the man for raping their daughter a judge decided that instead of punishing the man, the pair should marry.

How is that even possible?  Well there is a law in Morocco which allows a perpetrator to receive immunity from criminal charges if he marries the minor in question.

Such was the case for Amina.  According to The Delta World this type of marriage is a tradition common in rural areas “to safeguard the honour of the young and ‘resolve’ the damage caused after the violation.”

Being forced to marry her rapist did not “resolve” the damage for Amina. How could it? In fact, the young girl faced continued violence in the home of her rapist and has since committed suicide by eating rat poison.

Many have taken to twitter to mourn Amina’s untimely death with the hashtag #RIPAmina.

This story is just so tragic. I hope Amina’s story serves as an example that forcing a woman to marry her rapist is not only incredibly unjust but incredibly dangerous (cough – ignorant – cough).
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