I found out my wife is not a virgin after she told me she was before our wedding (Kuwait)

Posted on May 21, 2012


Source: Decoblog

ODD NEWS | By Essien Ekpenyong

KUWAIT: A man has filed a court case against his expatriate wife accusing her of lying to him when she told him she was virgin just before their marriage nearly three years ago, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The man told the prosecutor that his wife has just revealed to him that she was not virgin when she married him but the woman denied his allegations.

“A case of this kind needs to be substantiated by a concrete evidence, which is against reason and logic in this case,” the woman’s lawyer, Didhan Al Mutairi, told the prosecution, according to Alanba daily.

He said his client would file a defamation case against her husband to “defend her honour and reputation”, adding that she would also demand damages since her husband did not produce any tangible proof.

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