Dishonour killing: 24-year-old woman killed by family (India)

Posted on June 29, 2012


New Delhi: A 24-year-old teacher was allegedly killed by her mother and brother in Kanjhawla, near the capital, after she refused to stay with her husband and wanted to marry another person from a different caste.

The victim, identified as Deepti Chikara, was allegedly pressurised into a marriage in January after her family rejected her relationship with an engineer who was from a different caste. She returned home soon after her marriage and got in touch with her boyfriend again, much to the rage of her family.

She went missing from her home in April, but her family did not file any complaint with police. Her boyfriend later wrote an email to Delhi Police following which an investigation was initiated.

Police say, the investigation has revealed it is a case of dishonour killing. Police say the mother and brother confessed to the crime and said they dumped Deepti’s body body in Rourkee.

Source: NDTV