Another dowry death in Terai as husband kills wife for not bringing motorcycle in dowry (India)

Posted on July 24, 2012


A 22-year-old Indian bride from Bara district in the terai was allegedly beaten to death by her husband and in-laws after she failed to meet their dowry demands.

The victim Binti Saha was allegedly beaten by her husband Santosh Saha, father-in-law Shiva Lal and mother-in-law in their house at Bishrampur-3, Musharwa, on Saturday for not bringing a motorcycle in dowry.

Police had later that same evening found the charred remains of Binti’s body in the banks of the river nearby the village. Santosh and his father Shiva Lal had reportedly burnt Binti’s body at the river’s bank after killing her.

Police Inspector Ram Nath Ghimire said that the remains have been sent to Kathmandu to ascertain its identity.

Kunja Bihari Saha, the victim’s father who is originally from Motihari of India, had filed a complaint against Santosh Saha and his father Shiva Lal at the District Police Office, Bara on Monday accusing them of murdering his daughter. Bihari said Binti had told him that her husband Santosh was torturing her for not bringing sufficient dowry and that it had grown in the past three months.

Santosh and Binti had an arranged marriage about two years ago.

Police said Santosh, his father Shiva Lal including other members of his family are currently on the run and search for them is on.

Reports of young women killed by her husband and in-laws for not bringing sufficient dowry is often heard in the Terai.