Man kills wife for milking COW in Nyamira (Kenya)

Posted on July 25, 2012


Source:  The Kenyan DAILY POST

A man killed his wife for milking the family cow in the most bizarre case in recent history of Nyamira North District.

 The man went berserk and slashed his 38-year-old wife several times with a machete. Neighbours say that he was also armed with a rungu with which he also used to assault his daughter.
According to Shadrack Maithya, North Nyamira Police boss, the man returned home to find his wife milking the cow in disobedience to his orders.
“He armed himself with a machete and a rungu and slashed her to death,’’ Mr. Maithya said.
With the equal measure of rage, the man went ahead and attacked his 10-year-old daughter and slashed her in the back and hit her on the head with the rungu and sent her to bed.
“Go to bed you stupid girl. You are as stupid as your mother,’’ he said to the girl
The girl said she was woken up in the morning by his father little did she know that her mother had died the previous night.
Her class teachers noticed her injuries and asked other pupils to escort her to the hospital. It was not until later when he got home that she learnt that her mother had died.
The villagers arrested the man and took him to court. Some of the villagers told the DAILY POST that the man was under the influence of alcohol the night he committed the offence.
The girl was treated at Nyamira District Hospital.