Brothel manager forcing woman into prostitution jailed (United Arab Emirates)

Posted on July 26, 2012


Source.Emirates 24/7

By Eman Al Baik

A driver and a maid were each sentenced to three years in jail for human trafficking, running a brothel and forcing women into prostitution, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

According to the records, JFT, 33, Filipina was fooled by her compatriot SDB, 31, through Facebook. SDB promised her a saleswoman job in Dubai before imploring her to come to the UAE.

She helped her to obtain a visit visa. After arriving on September 7 last year JFT was confined and was forced into prostitution under threat.

After arriving in the UAE she was received by JFT who was accompanied with a friend and drove her to a house where SDB seized her passport and asked her to pay back Dh20,000 which is the cost of her visa.

The accused have been charged of running a brothel in Al Satwa area.

The driver SRI, 31, Pakistani is also charged guilty of raping the victim.

JFT testified, “I told her that I will not be able to pay that amount, so she told me to work as a prostitute. She threatened that I will never be able to visit my home again and I would never see my children again. She forced me into prostitution and she was collecting money from customers. There was another woman staying in the house who also works as a prostitute. SRI, the driver, had raped me twice.”

SDB managed to run away while JFT was asleep and went to her country’s consulate and reported about the accused.

Police raided the flat and arrested the two and the victim recognised them via identification parade.

The two convicts will be deported after serving their jail terms.