Female foeticide rises in Saptari (Nepal)

Posted on July 27, 2012



RAJBIRAJ: In what could hint at the possible gender imbalance in the long run, Saptari has witnessed an increasing trend of foeticide and infanticide carried out on gender preference for quite some time now.

The issue has drawn much discussion recently in the wake of the finding of four abandoned neonatal – all females – from different places of the district during the past one month.

According to Rajbiraj Municipality Registrar Devraj Chaudhary, birth rate of the female children in the town areas over the past two years or so has gone down significantly when compared to that of the male ones.

“As per the available municipality data, 630 male children were registered for birth in the fiscal year of 2067/68, while the number of female stands at just 445 in the same period,” he said, adding that, the figure for boys and girls stands at 473 and 268 respectively during the following fiscal year.

The data clearly reflects the impending gender imbalance in the future which, according to many, has to do with a large extent of forceful and intentional killing of female foetus and neonatal drive by the socio-cultural factor.

“The women in Tarai region are long known as victims of abuses, violence and the likes, and forceful abortion and infanticide acted out in the name of extreme forms of gender preference adds to their woes,” argued female rights activist Abha Singh, adding, the trend is a worrying sign for the society.

Civil Society Saptari chapter former chair Sukharam Yadav said despite accounted a crime by the law, the female foeticide and infanticide cases are on the rise due to the apathy of the concerned body to look into the matters seriously.

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