UAE judge acquits Indian man of attempted rape, women angry (United Arab Emirates)

Posted on July 30, 2012



Women in UAE face uphill battle against sexual violence.

DUBAI: Dubai court has acquitted an Indian national of attempted rape of a Filipina housemaid, but was sentenced to one month in jail for trespassing.

The court’s ruling cited a lack of corroborated evidence, making it impossible to convict the man of attempting to rape the 25-year-old maid.

The decision has left many women’s rights activists angered over the ruling, saying it shows a lack of support for women and their rights in the country.

The 30-year-old Indian has been released from jail after the ruling on Sunday, after having already spent his sentence behind bars.

“We need something to be done in this kind of thing. The court is saying that a man’s word is stronger than a woman’s, who faced the ultimate violation of her body,” women’s rights activist and social worker Aziza AbdelHamed told “This could set a precedent that means men can find women alone and rape them and not face jail because nobody can corroborate the woman’s story. It is horrible.”

Violent crimes against women in the UAE are not uncommon, but women in the country argue police do too little when women come forward, often demanding to know what they said, or what they were wearing before filing a case against the perpetrator.