Woman who came to UAE to take up maid’s job forced into prostitution (United Arab Emirates)

Posted on August 1, 2012


Source: The National

DUBAI // A woman was forced into prostitution and raped after coming to the UAE to accept a maid’s job, the criminal court heard today.

The 27-year-old Bangladeshi LB arrived at Dubai International Airport on November 20 last year after asking for help in finding a job from a family friend and compatriot, MA, 26, who was already working as a maid in the emirate.

MA and her male compatriots SA, 35, NA, 23, RA, 28, met the woman on her arrival and took her to a house where she spent ten days before being moved to an apartment behind the Bangladeshi Consulate.

“I worked in a massage centre for two months but was then told I couldn’t continue as I did not speak any other language,” said the woman.

MA and SA then told her she would have to work in prostitution, and beat her when she refused.

She gave in to their demands and began to prostitute herself to various men across the emirate. After 20 days she told her four compatriots she wanted to return home. All four of them then assaulted her and she was locked in a room where SA raped her twice.

In March this year the woman managed to call a hotline at the Ministry of Interior.

Prosecutors charged SA and MA with human trafficking. NA and RA were charged with aiding and abetting in human trafficking as well as assault.

SA was also charged with rape.

They all denied the charges.

The next hearing was scheduled for September 26.