Justice Minister: Violence against women a major problem (Finland)

Posted on March 17, 2013



Finland is far behind the other Nordic and Western European countries when it comes to reducing and preventing violence against women, a situation that is unacceptable, says Justice Minister Anna-Maja Henriksson.

Miehen nyrkin iskua torjuva naisen käsi valkoista taustaa vasten.
Image: Mikko Suhonen

Speaking Saturday to a gathering of the women’s organization of the Swedish People’s Party, Henriksson said that a full 18 percent of all victims of homicides in Finland are women killed by their partners, and nearly 60 percent of those are killed in their own homes, a place that should provide protection and be a refuge.

She called violence against women one of the greatest security problems in Finland.

The Justice Minister stated that the criminal code should be reformed with the aim of making all sexual offenses subject to public prosecution. According to Henriksson, it should also be examined if there is a need to introduce new provisions on sexual harassment.