An online compilation of reposted news, reports, opinions and documentaries concerning gender discrimination, violence against women, women rights issues and related topics, as well as links to petitions and activism. The site aims to create a searchable archive thus news will be posted under the dates they originally appeared. The site is designed as a resource for  those who want to keep up to date on women rights issues and news without slogging through google alerts or news pages and to to raise awareness of the global pandemic of collective violence and attitudes towards women and girls.

The phrase “Woman is the Nigger of the World” was originally coined by artist Yoko Ono during a magazine interview in 1969. Lennon was proud that it was the first women’s rights song before “I am Woman”. The song describes women’s subservience to men and male chauvinism across all cultures. It was banned from radio and BBC airplay because of the word ‘nigger’. Many prominent black people, including comedian Dick Gregory (whose own autobiography was titled Nigger) spoke out in defence of the song. Another supporter, Congressman Ron Dellums, stated: “If you define ‘nigger’ as someone whose lifestyle is defined by others, whose opportunities are defined by others, whose role in society is defined by others, the good news is that you don’t have to be black to be a nigger in this society. Most of the people in America are niggers. In a 1972 interview on The Dick Cavett Show, John Lennon stated that Irish revolutionary James Connolly was an inspiration for the song. Lennon quoted Connolly’s ‘the female is the slave of the slave’ in explaining the pro-feminist inspiration behind the song.


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