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The one-child policy The brutal truth

July 22, 2012


A shocking case of forced abortion fuels resentment against China’s one-child policy Jun 23rd 2012 | SHANGHAI | from the print edition IN THE photographs the young mother lies on a clinic bed, her hair obscuring her face. She appears as inert as the baby lying beside her. But 23-year-old Feng Jianmei is still alive, […]

Forced Abortion Spurs Settlement

July 11, 2012


The Wall Street Journal July 11, 2012 The family of a Chinese woman whose forced late-term abortion last month rekindled a bitter nationwide debate over the country’s one-child policy agreed to accept more than $11,000 in compensation from the government as part of an out-of-court settlement. Josh Chin Feng Jianmei, 23 years old, and her […]

Compensation sought in China forced abortion: activist

July 9, 2012


Agence France-Presse July 10, 2012 Victims of forced abortion at the hands of the One Child Policy seek justice. The husband of a Chinese woman whose forced abortion triggered outrage has headed to Beijing and is working with lawyers to seek compensation, a human rights activist said Monday. Chinese authorities, who restrict most families from […]

China forced-abortion woman suffering state harassment, lawyer says

June 26, 2012


Family of Feng Jianmei attacked as ‘traitors’ for talking to foreigners after late termination sparked outrage on microblogs Feng Jianmei’s hospital was targeted by banner-wielding protesters at the weekend. Photograph: Quirky China News / Rex Features The family of a woman whose forced late-term abortion caused outrage in China have been attacked as “traitors” for […]

China’s family planning Illegal children will be confiscated

July 21, 2011


The one-child policy is not just a human-rights abomination; it has also worsened a demographic problem Jul 21st 2011 | from the print edition “BEFORE 1997 they usually punished us by tearing down our houses for breaching the one-child policy…After 2000 they began to confiscate our children.” Thus Yuan Chaoren, a villager from Longhui county […]

The Double Persecution of Li: The Sufferings of a Chinese Woman Who Chose to Keep Her Girl

September 28, 2010


AGA Field Report September 28, 2010 The Double Persecution of Li: The Sufferings of a Chinese Woman Who Chose to Keep Her Girl Li’s husband wanted a son.  He already had two daughters.  He asked his wife to try one more time, illegally, to bear a son.  She was determined to give the family a boy […]