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04 August 20012

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Take Action:

Send a girl to school for one year for $52.

Raise awareness:

YouTube music competition to highlight violence against women


Safe Urban Space Committee

Decades of women-focused victim-blaming approach did NOT result in a decrease of harassement, rape, murder and other gender-based violence. To the contrary, according to the National Crime Records Bureau numbers are increasing. More women might report more crimes. But clearly they do not feel more safe.
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Urge Your Member of Congress to Support the International Violence Against Women Act (H.R. 5905)

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Teen Vogue: Give Us Images of Real Girls!

It’s time for an end to the digitally enhanced, unrealistic “beauty” we see in the pages of magazines. We are demanding that teen magazines stop altering natural bodies and faces so that real girls can be the new standard of beauty.

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It’s Time for a Woman Moderator: Equality in the 2012 Presidential Debates!

Women and men will never be truly equal in our country until they’re one and the same in positions of power and both visible in politics.  We need to take immediate action in order to move towards this change. There is no reason why a woman shouldn’t have a chance to show what she’s capable of by moderating debates in the upcoming election.

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