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Minor girl in Odisha protests against forced marriage (India)

July 24, 2012


Source A “minor” girl in Odisha has lodged a police complaint against her family for forcing her to marry and not allowing her to study, police said Tuesday. The police have registered a case against nine persons of the family, including her father. The incident took place at Kuhurakot village in Nabrangpur district, about 700 […]

Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

July 20, 2012


Son kills dad for resisting teen daughter’s marriage (Saudi Arabia)

July 10, 2012


Girl’s dad clubs his 85-year-old father on the head while asleep Source Emirates 24/7 A greedy Saudi man waited for his 85-year-old father to go to bed then used a big date palm branch to club him to death after he was infuriated by his father’s opposition to the marriage of his teenage daughter to […]

Egypt: Stop the lowering of the minimum age of marriage for girls in Egypt

May 8, 2012


Egypt’s People’s Assembly Council is currently discussing legislation that would reduce the minimum age of marriage for girls from 18 to possibly as low as 9 years old and could vote on the final draft bill at any moment. If adopted, girls could be married off by their families without their consent putting them at […]

A Woman Should Not Have to Marry Her Rapist (Morroco)

March 18, 2012


by Kristina Chew Some 200 woman activists rallied outside Morocco’s parliament building on Saturday to demand the repeal of a rape-marriage law. Under the law, article 475, a rapist is allowed to marry his victim if she is a minor so he can avoid prosecution. Families often agree to such a marriage because of strong […]

Girl Commits Suicide After Being Forced to Marry Rapist (Morocco)

March 13, 2012


by Ximena Ramirez Amina, a young 16-year-old Moroccan girl, was forced to marry her rapist, a man ten years her senior. When her family filed charges against the man for raping their daughter a judge decided that instead of punishing the man, the pair should marry. How is that even possible?  Well there is a […]

Kyrgyzstan starts anti-bride kidnapping campaign

November 29, 2011


Kyrgyzstan has launched a campaign to stop bride kidnapping, a traditional term for the abduction and forced marriage of thousands of young women every year in the Central Asian state. Bride kidnapping in Kyrygzstan dates back generations through the country’s nomadic folklore. Photo: AP By James Kilner, Almaty 2:49PM GMT 29 Nov 2011 The origins of […]